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 A mechanic inspecting the underside of a car

Make your car roadworthy for another year. For dependable, authorised MOT tests,

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Trustworthy MOT tests

If your car is more than 3 years old, UK law demands that it has a valid MOT certificate. This certificate expires yearly, so every 12 months you must bring it to a Vehicle Inspectorate approved tester, like those here at JEM.

At just £40, our MOTs are significantly cheaper than the price recommended by the government, and we offer retests for free. We will conduct an MOT of your car or van, assessing all the most important parts. An MOT is a test of roadworthiness and proof that your car or van is safe to drive on UK roads. For that reason, we take your MOT very seriously.

If you happen to fail your MOT, we will give you a detailed description of why your vehicle failed. We would usually be able to fix these problems for you, too, so that you can be absolutely sure of passing second time around.

While many of our customers come to us from areas within Hendon and Colindale, our MOT tests are available to everyone throughout the city of London.

One month buffer

If your car is eligible for an MOT, you must get the test done during the month before your current UK MOT certificate expires. This is to make sure that the test is relevant and that there's no time when you are unable to drive.

We advise getting the test done as early as possible during that month. That way, if you need to make any changes and take your free second run at the test, you have time to do so before your current certificate expires.

What's under the microscope

2015-05-07 06:10:23

The MOT tests all the essential parts of the car. Pedals, steering wheel, suspension, lights, exhaust and brake performance are all given careful scrutiny. You won't be failed unless one of these parts dips below the performance level specified by the Vehicle Inspectorate.

But the MOT doesn't just test vehicle safety - it's there to prove that your car meets the emission standards set out by UK law. If your car or van pumps too much harmful gas into the atmosphere, you'll fail the test and may need to invest in some new catalytic converters for your exhaust.

Book your MOT now!

Testing the minimum; a chance to run at optimum

2015-05-07 06:11:27

Passing an MOT isn't your cue to pat yourself on the back for having a perfect car - all it means is that your car has passed the bare minimum. Of course, that's a good thing, but why not use this opportunity to really bring your car or van up to scratch? As well as getting the MOT done, you could have us run a full service, optimising each part of your car. You'll save on fuel bills, possibly have shorter journey times and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.