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A stack of new tyres

Want to check your tyres, or buy new ones? For reliable tyre servicing,

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Keep your grip on the road

Your tyres should always be in good condition; otherwise you put the lives of yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk. The tyres should be properly inflated and have a good amount of tread - that's the pattern on the tyre. The tread helps the tyre grip the road, especially important in slippy or icy conditions.

We'll inspect your tyres and advise you on whether or not your tyre is still safe. Tyre failures can be devastating if they happen on the road, so we make sure that we prevent them in good time.

Repair or buy new

Where possible, we will always try to repair your tyres, to keep down the cost to you. However, sometimes a repair is not possible or safe, and in these situations we offer you our extensive range of new tyres for sale. Whether you drive a car or a van, whatever its make or model, we should be able to get our hands on the right tyre for you, and at a great price too.