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Want to stay cool? For car and van air conditioning services,

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How do cars keep their cool?

In cars and vans, air conditioning is about more than the comfort of the driver and passengers. The air conditioning is part of the engine cooling system, and helps to prevent breakdowns due to overheated engines. You don't want your journey to come to a halt, so bring your car to us for regular air conditioning services.

Refilling the gas and oil

Your air conditioning system requires both gas and oil, and these run out over time. If you run the air conditioning system without enough gas or oil, you can really damage it and give yourself some costly repairs.

For just £49, we can regas your air conditioning system. We get rid of any gas and oil still sitting in the system before filling it with fresh gas and oil, following the recommendations of your manufacturer. Your air conditioning system will then run more efficiently and you won't have to worry about any failures.

Why things go wrong

2015-05-07 06:19:13

An air conditioning system is made up of many parts, and each can fail in separate ways. Not having enough gas and oil will always cause problems, but there's also pulley bearing wear, electromagnetic coil burn-outs, contamination and excessive moisture. Corrosion and deterioration of parts can also trigger failures, and sometimes the system can get hit by debris from the road.

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What to do to prevent failures

2015-05-07 06:19:14

Regular servicing is the only real way to look after your air conditioning. We can check your system thoroughly, noting and repairing any faults or weak points. There's also a part of the air conditioning system - a bag of desiccant in the drier - that needs to be changed at least every two years. That's because this bag of desiccant absorbs moisture, protecting the rest of the system from a common cause of failure.