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 Two suspension springs and a steering wheel

Want a comfortable ride and accurate steering? To get your suspension and steering serviced,

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Keeping your suspension and steering
in good nick

It's really important to have regular checks on your suspension and steering, as often as every 6 months. Steering components can be knocked out of alignment by speed humps and potholes, and poor steering puts yourself and your family at risk of accident.

The suspension's most noticeable function is creating a smooth ride for you, but suspension also has an influence on steering and drive. The main cause of suspension problems is simply time: most of the moving parts are made of rubber and can dry out and crack over a period of time.

At our garages in Hendon and Colindale where we serve customers from across the city of London, we check the suspension and steering fully as part out our routine servicing. We'll carry out repairs where necessary to make sure that you remain as safe and comfortable as possible.

Shock absorbers - more than just a comfort point

One of the key components in your car's suspension is the shock absorbers. Usually hydraulic or filled with gas, they control the bounce on the vehicles. This serves two purposes - of course, it makes the ride more comfortable for you, but it also keeps the tyres firmly on the road.

Damaged shock absorbers can make brakes less efficient, make it harder to turn and contribute to uneven or exaggerated tyre wear. It's important to keep an eye on these elements.

Clues that your steering system is out of alignment

2015-05-07 06:15:57

There are two major signs of steering misalignment. One is uneven tyre wear; the other is biased steering.

This biased steering can be best noticed when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line. If you're driving straight and the steering wheel isn't straight, or if you're trying to drive straight and your car is trying to pull sideways, you've probably got a problem with your steering system. We strongly recommend you visit us as soon as possible, and we'll check and - if necessary - adjust your steering.

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How to spot suspension issues

2015-05-07 06:15:58

As with steering problems, a tendency to drift or pull to one side should raise a warning flag. Obviously the ride will be less comfortable than you're used to, too.

But keep your ears open - one of the best indications of suspension issues is a knocking noise from the front or rear of your vehicle. This is most often heard when the car is pulling off from a standstill, or when driving down bumpy roads and over speed humps.

If you spot these signs, bring your car in to us for full suspension repairs.